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Herb provides clients with the ability to:


  1. Build resilience

  2. Manage reactivity

  3. Elevate creative problem solving

  4. Increase emotional intelligence

  5. Utilize strategic thinking and change-management

  6. Strengthen relationships


He believes that people want to be their very best. By creating a safe environment based on trust and mutual respect, Herb inspires clients to challenge their long-held beliefs and assumptions about themselves and others. Asa result, their increased emotional intelligence has a profound effect on their ability to lead.


Herb holds a BA in Political Science from Rider University, a MA in Clinical Psychology from San Francisco State University and a certification in Executive Coaching from Mentor Coach.

Herb has an extensive understanding of organizational leadership and the development of business leaders. His ability to grow effective teams or groups for high performance is supported by his knowledge of systems theory, personality theory, relationship theory and cognitive behavioral theory. 

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