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After owning a successful psychotherapy practice for 35 years, I found myself struggling to find new meaning and purpose in my career. I loved my work but felt the urge to grow in new ways. I was fortunate to find a coach who understood that finding my purpose was the key to inspiring myself and others. 


My relationship with my coach, built on mutual trust, respect and the right balance of nurturing, envisioning and discipline, allowed me to develop in ways I had never imagined. As a result, future possibilities and a path forward became much clearer to me. 


When people are able to see that it is possible to have an extraordinary work life, opportunities abound. I do this work to help my clients discover their purpose, reveal their strengths, challenge their self-limiting beliefs and bring meaning to their work and life. Most of the psychological dysfunction in the workplace comes from the frustration about the lack of meaning and purpose. When leaders are able to identify their purpose, greater perspective is gained, creativity is generated, commitment is deepened and they have more fun. 


It is my privilege and honor to do this work.


It’s inevitable that people will face a multitude of challenges and obstacles throughout their careers. No matter what their circumstances, leaders begin to recognized that, contained in these challenges, are opportunities for their growth.


There are two dimensions of coaching. One focuses on strategy, performance objectives, planning and other cognitive processes. The other is focused on the heart in the way love and caring are essential for creating joy, happiness and fulfillment.


Coaching is the vehicle for transformation in both personal and professional parts of life. It is a mechanism that unlocks people’s potential to perform at their optimal level and focuses on future possibilities.


In the same way Chinese Medicine seeks to remove blocked energy in order for the body to heal itself, coaching helps people remove barriers to discover their true life path. It’s built upon a belief that people have a natural learning capacity in which, when supported by the coach, discovery and possibility soar.

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