Drawing from more than 45 years' experience as a Psychotherapist and Executive Business Coach, Herb Cohen empowers his clients to become better leaders. The goals of his Executive Coaching practice are to help others achieve optimal performance levels, values-based decisions, and implement proven practice systems, strategies and action steps that will grow successful businesses. 


Herb helps C-Suite and senior leaders, small and family owned businesses and business partnerships enhance their personal and professional effectiveness. Mastering decision making, working collaboratively to create viable and effective teams and resolving conflict by developing functional habits to achieve their objectives are crucial to Herb’s coaching.


Herb assists individuals who are committed to doing the hard work of making changes in their lives, personally and professionally. His mission to bring about change is accomplished by understanding how clients think, their psychological development, assessing their tolerance for change and how they perceive themselves and others. This process is accomplished by dedication, authenticity, compassion, creativity and knowing that people can change.



Herb Cohen MA, LMFT, is an Executive Coach and Organizational Consultant who assists CEOs, executives, and senior management personnel to become more effective leaders. He is dual-trained in both Executive Coaching and psychotherapy, and draws from his experience as a practicing family therapist for the past 45 years.  

Herb’s knowledge as a family therapist enables him to understand how individuals, teams and boards function. He is skilled in asking powerful questions, directing effective conversations and helping his clients find win-win solutions. Herb is adept at helping clients understand their social and behavioral styles, how to maximize their strengths and view their weaknesses as opportunities for growth. He encourages strength-based leadership, recognizing the skills and talent present in each client and team.



Markets and technology are changing rapidly. Executive leaders are expected to perform at their highest levels, both professionally and personally. They need to manage, inspire and mentor employees, lead teams and navigate this complex business environment. Today’s leaders, more than ever, need to establish a compelling executive presence while collaborating on multiple levels. 


Family owned businesses are primarily challenging because of the structure of the venture from the beginning. Usually the parent has established the business and then brings in the child or the children. Being protective is the role of the parent, but that role needs to shift from being a parent to being a mentor. This shift can sometimes cause instability in the relationships if not addressed properly. Also, the same dynamics present in the family will be present in the business. For example, a controlling parent will want to dictate the direction the company is going without talking with other family members.



Business partners face ongoing challenges including: identifying complimentary strengths, the ability to capitalize on them, different decision-making strategies, establishing appropriate and functional boundaries, different personalities, and disparities in skills, roles, and commitment levels. If these challenges are not properly managed they can result in mistrust, conflict and possibly the death of the business.


"Last year I found myself in unchartered territory – I had been a top performer as an individual contributor and then was promoted to a much more visible position and became a manager. My people were new, they needed training and the workload was immense. For the first time I felt like I was starting to sink.


Herb helped me with the basics: organize, delegate, be clear in my directives and expectations. More importantly he helped me navigate myself. He is authentic and wise. I trust him implicitly in helping bring out the best in me." 

—  Anonymous


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